An Antique French Confit Pot with Mottled Orange Glaze, Circa 1880. (7 in.)


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A superb small – medium sized antique French confit pot with lovely mottled orange & yellow glaze from the late nineteenth century. This pot would’ve been used as a single serving. A lovely piece to add to a collection of antique French pottery.1
height: 7 in. 18 cm., diameter:7 in. 18 cm.

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  1. The word “confit” stems from the French word “confire”, meaning “to preserve.” Antique confit pots were historically used before refrigeration was invented as containers to cook and preserve duck in duck fat. A Confit pot is recognized in Vincent van Gogh’s sunflower painting, and has been a staple in kitchens for centuries.

    The top half of the pot was typically colored a mustard yellow. Some were green and some were colorless, but confit pots are predominantly yellow. The bottom of the pots are unglazed because the preservation process called for the pot to be covered in cloth and buried in the ground up to the glaze line.

    The glaze stops in the middle of the pot, as that was where they were buried to in order to keep their prized dish cooled.

    The duck was immersed in duck fat, slowly cooking for hours until it was tender. Once it cooled, the pots were stored in a cellar or buried in the cold ground, where families could bring them out for special occasions during the winter. The smaller pots were used to store one serving, and are highly desirable.

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