Highly Polished Tiger Mahogany Convex Butler’s Mirror With Brass Acanthus Leaf Slip And Brass Bee Motifs All Around, French Circa 1890


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Highly polished tiger mahogany convex butler’s mirror with brass acanthus leaf slip and brass bumble bee motifs all around. This is referred to as a butler’s mirror because these would be used in a dining room , the convex shape of the mirror would allow the butler to see when wine needed to be filled or something cleared without looking down at the table. The bee motif is often seen in post French revolution design as it was the symbol of Napoleon. Having turned the House of Bourbon upside down, the bee resembles a Fleur-de-lis ( and the iconic symbol of the Bourbons) that has been inverted. French circa 1890

diameter: 18 in. 76 cm.

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