Sampler by Margaret C. Walby, Dated 1824 in Black Frame, Mrs. L.R. Maas, English, Circa 1824.


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An Early 1800’s Framed Needlepoint Mourning Sampler, Welsh
The Art of Mourning: Sampler by Margaret C. Walby, dated 1824 in black frame Mrs. L.R. Maas English circa 1824

height: 17 in. 43 cm., width: 17 in. 43 cm.

The simplistic nature of this piece from 1824 is a fine example of needlework & symmetry. It is wonderfully iconic with it’s simple stitching and heartfelt memorial.

To The Memory of William and Gorge Collin of Walby
William Collin Born August 6, 1819
And Departed This Life August 26, 1822
Also Gorge Collin Born July 1, 1821
And Departed This Life September 9, 1822

Short Was Our Lives
But now We hope for rest.
God called us hence because
He thought it best
We pray dear friends
For us lament no more
We are not lost
But gone a while before

Margaret Collin Walby Feb 24, 1824 Born Oct 12 1809

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