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Fine Furniture and select contemporary offerings in San Francisco's Design District Neighborhood.

151 Vermont Street #4
San Francisco

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San Francisco Design, Antiques, Furniture & Accessories.

Garden Court Antiques is a “bricks-and-mortar”, “history-in-real-time”, Antiques Furniture and Decorative Arts Showroom that allows you to touch, feel & experience fine furniture as you would in the home.

Interior Design today incorporates the contemporary along with the antique and while these “digital times” are rather ephemeral & fleeting, some things do endure. That’s why we invest ourselves in the curation of fine English & Continental antique pieces along with special exhibits of modern fine art, carpets & flooring which reflect the real life experience of decorators, collectors and individuals.

Preview our antiques and decorative arts here, online, but visit us to feel the texture, to experience the detailed workmanship, and explore the authenticity & resonant history each individual chair, table, vase, etc. possess.

Garden Court Antiques is located in San Francisco’s SOMA Design District Neighborhood across from “DWR”.

The Vermont Center
151 Vermont Street #4
San Francisco, CA 94103
415 355-1690

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