Sue ColemanGarden Court Antiques was opened in June of 2002 in the San Francisco Design Center by Sue Coleman. Sue has been collector of fine European antiques for over 30 years. Early on she focused on Georgian Period English furniture, but through her years of travel throughout Europe she began to see the beauty and whimsy of country furniture throughout Europe. She began to see that quality had less to do with a specific country or period and more to do with the individual pieces. The patina, the shape, the color, the texture and the most importantly the soul of the objects themselves began to draw her attention.

As her taste changed and her eye for extraordinary pieces developed, she began to pull together a collection that is elegant without being fussy. GCA offers antiques and decorative objects that have rich patinas and unexpected charm that bring a warmth and elegance to one’s home. When asked what she looks for when shopping around the globe, her response: ‘I look for pieces that have soul. I can’t really describe what that means exactly, but I know it when I see it!”

Jim GallagherJim Gallagher has been working in the Design Center for the last 10 years. He has worked for Ed Hardy, Shears & Window and Sloan Miyasato before coming to work with Sue to open GCA. His knowledge of antiques as well as of the Design Center offers our clients a valuable tool when navigating the world of antiques in design.