19th Century Rustic Round Fruitwood Vendange Table, Circa 1800.


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A round fruitwood tilt-top table on trestle base. French circa 1800 The round slatted-plank top with a rich golden patina darkened and aged; slightly distressed and weathered in appearance with imperfections all adding charm, character and authenticity. 1

height: 30 in. 76 cm., diameter: 48 in. 122 cm.

Further readings and sources:

  1. Vendange is a French word that refers to the process of grape harvesting, and a vendange table is a table that is used for this process. The term is derived from the French verb “vendanger,” which means “to gather grapes.”

    The vendange table was specifically designed for use in the grape harvesting process. It may have been used for the sorting and processing of grapes, storing and organizing tools and equipment, etc. The slatted/plank top would allow for easy drainage of juice and other liquids.

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