Early 20th Century Tubular Chrome and Ebony Glass Bar Cart, circa 1930.


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This early 20th century bar cart is a fine example of Bauhaus design. The circular form and wheels represent the Bauhaus school’s emphasis on movement in contrast to the rectangular fundamentality of rationalism, which was a more traditional approach to design. The chrome-plated metal and ebony glass shelving are both light and functional, also typical of Bauhaus furniture. Note that it was only after 1928 that chrome plating [of chairs & furniture] became possible, which with its bluish white sheen gave this modernist furniture a cooler and harder effect. 1. “A prospectus by Hannes Meyer contained the words: ‘Young people — come to the Bauhaus.'” 2, English circa 1930

height: 30.5 in. 77.5 cm., width: 27 in. 68.5 cm., depth: 17.5 in. 44.5 cm.

Further readings and sources:

  1. Bauhaus, Jeanine Feidler, ©2006, Köneman p 627
  2. Ibid. *Hans Emil “Hannes” Meyer (18 November 1889 – 19 July 1954) was a Swiss architect and second director of the Bauhaus Dessau from 1928 to 1930.

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